Wallpaper textures

Modern photo wallpapers have changed a lot in terms of their properties and picture quality in comparison with customary samples of this kind of products. World of Photo Wallpapers produces next generation photo wallpapers using high quality Polish and German materials, whose leadership is determined by not only the diversity of their textures and advanced color rendering, but also their wide roll cut which ensures minimum number of joints or even no joints at all.

Special texturized bases manufactured in Poland and Germany, with vinyl coating on paper base, are perfect for designing and decoration work.

Material specifications

  • diversity of textures

  • high density: 300 g/m²

  • fade and ultraviolet resistance

  • high mechanical strength

  • excellent color rendering

  • ability to hide wall unevenness (the thickness of the base is 330 µm)

  • resistance to moisture and cleaning agents

  • roll cut (max width of each sheet is 1,26 m)

Vinyl on flizeline basis. Production Poland.

Texture «Sand»
Implementation examples

Material with a small and rough texture. The colors on such nearly invisible texture become soft and pastel.

Texture «Provence»
Implementation examples

Texture «Venetian plaster»
Implementation examples

Texture «Shagreen»
Implementation examples

Texture «Smooth»
Implementation examples

Material with facing layer without stamping, almost plain, having a moderate glossy luster. In contrast to the textured bases, one may see canvas joints on plain wallpapers after their hanging. That’s why they’ll suit best to subjects consisting of one single canvas.

Texture «Basalt»
Implementation examples

Texture «Mosaic»
Implementation examples

Texture «Cypress»
Implementation examples

Vinyl on a paper basis. Production Germany.

Texture «Decorative plaster»
Implementation examples

Original texture. Its peculiar feature is imitation of painting, done directly on the wall. Practical and versatile material, on which different subjects and themes look equally good, leaving no one indifferent.

Texture «Coarse sand»
Implementation examples

Material with matt and even texture that will harmoniously fit into most interiors. Elements of architectural landscapes (roughness of masonry, paving, asphalt) are reproduced especially fine.

Texture «Crumpled canvas»
Implementation examples

Texture with embossment, identical to artistic canvas. It’s one of the most interesting textures that is characterized by quiet, but, at the same time, intense colors. It provides a virtually invisible butt joint.

Texture «Plaster»
Implementation examples

Sufficiently large and uneven plaster texture will excellently depict ancient frescoes, vintage photos and art objects on your walls, while maintaining the color depth.

Texture «Frost»
Implementation examples

Material with a texture consisting of small fibers, resembling to frost or watercolor paper. This texture gives the image mattness.

Texture «Painting»
Implementation examples

The impressive texture of paintings, as if done with oil. It will not only bring scenic images into focus, but also will give an unconventional look to the majority of images.

Texture «Wood bark»
Implementation examples

Material with a characteristic non-uniform relief, resembling to bark. This material will excellently fit into interiors with natural material decoration.

Texture «Tile»
Implementation examples

Texture with sharp embossment, done in the form of a large geometric ornament. It’s a good match for images featuring a brick or a stone wall, giving accent to the size of masonry.

Texture «Geometric pattern»
Implementation examples

Deep embossment of the following material will accentuate the individuality of interior, made in minimalism style. Teenage rooms with car, technology and abstraction wallpapers will ideally suit this original pattern.

Texture «Coral»
Implementation examples

Homogeneous material embossment in the form of dots, resembling the texture of sea coral, will be a good match for flower and marine images, as well as for some architectural and graphical images.

Texture «Marble crumb»
Implementation examples

Rough texture with homogenous embossment. It will ideally suit stone architectural elements, accentuate stone or brick masonry relief, well and evenly disperse light when applying wall end lighting.