Our team of professionals in innovations and design who work to meet our customers’ needs and who are responsible for the quality of products manufactured and services provided, primarily with their impeccable reputation.

At present, World of Photo Wallpapers is an acknowledged leader in manufacture of highest quality photo wallpapers as well as in provision of innovative solutions in interior design.

the quality of our products has been honored with numerous awards. The most significant one was winning all-Ukrainian competition “BRAND OF THE YEAR 2011” in the “Perfect Quality” category;

the company has the full range of enabling documentation: from certificates of compliance for materials and finished products to Commencement Certificate. The ecological cleanness and safety of our products have been acknowledged by Conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No 05.03.02-04/18239 dated March.

the company possesses the most advanced equipment, which is in a way unique for Ukraine. It is used to manufacture photo wallpapers and interior design elements. Only high-quality and ecologically safe materials produced in Poland and Germany are used for printing.

all the company’s staff are true professionals, they possess immense experience and keep improving their skills at seminars held by suppliers of professional equipment and materials for printing.

We are fully aware of the fact that a good result does not imply good technical facilities only, but it also requires high-quality and professional customer support. Thus, when you come to us, you will be supported by our specialists’ advice at all times, at all the stages of your project execution, namely:

  • selecting the most appropriate image for your interior in our image base or developing a customized image with due account of all the peculiarities of your interior;

  • visualization of the selected image in your interior;

  • professional design processing of the image selected by you (sizing, color and interference correction) for the best fitting of the image into your interior;

  • advice and recommendations on applying our photo wallpapers to the surface.

When working with us, you may be quite sure that the time and money spent by you will be repaid a hundredfold with your enjoying the comfort and coziness our products will create in your home.

Our strategic aim is that mentioning the name of World of Photo Wallpapers company be associated with trust and respect of our customers.

Our mission is meeting all our customers’ needs!

Quality of service

Providing the highest class services is the main commitment of World of Photo Wallpapers to its customers

We give great consideration to studying needs and expectations that our customers have towards the company. If you have any concerns as to the quality of service at our company, please let us know. For your convenience and promptness of your issue considering, you can leave a message, having filled in special form.

It is very important for us to receive you comments on our company service, for the purpose of taking timely corrective actions and providing you with the service of the highest level.