Unique Features of Our Photo Wallpaper

Do you remember that photo wallpaper popular back in 90s, which you could "admire" almost in every apartment? Wallpaper was divided into 8 or 16 squares and hung with an overlap joint. Nobody cared to trim the joints. The color reproduction was mediocre, and you could not even choose the size of photo wallpaper – there were standard pieces of paper that were trimmed according to the wall size of your apartment. Such bad taste stuck in memory and now it raises doubts about choosing the photo wallpaper. But remember that 20 years have passed since then and the technology has developed dramatically. To see how the photo wallpaper looks like in a modern interior, refer to the section Interiors

We, WORLD OF PHOTO WALLPAPERS, produce new generation photo wallpaper using ultra-high quality materials from Germany. In addition to the advanced color reproduction (image colors are identical to the colors on the screen) and various textures (sand, decorative plaster, canvas, linen, plaster, gravel, frost, smooth surface, and painting), we offer a wide roll cut of photo wallpaper, due to which the number of joints is minimized. The maximum width of each stripe is 1.28 m, and the length is unlimited. If you order the printing of wallpaper with a width of up to 1.28 m, we will make it single-piece for you, so you will be able to hang it without any joints!

Since our photo wallpaper is customized, you can choose the size and texture yourself. The price of photo wallpaper depends on the chosen textures and sizes.

High density (300 g/m²) of photo wallpaper allows hiding the roughness of the wall surface. Our textured wallpaper is made of high-quality German and Japanese materials, so it meets the highest European environmental standards. It is duly documented by the Conclusion of the State Sanitary Epidemiological Expertise of the Ministry of Health.

But that's not all! Our service is our pride. Because we understand how difficult it is to make a choice and select one image among the variety of images presented in the catalogue. But our experts have wide working experience that allows them giving competent advice on choosing the best design solution for your interior. If there is no desired image for the wallpaper in our catalogue - we will provide you with a customized solution! In addition to customizing the selected image in terms of size, color and noise correction, our designers will visualize it in your interior. So you will be able to see your room with the photo wallpaper even before hanging it.

After buying our photo wallpaper, in addition to your order, you will get a colorful guide with practical advice on proper hanging of the photo wallpaper.

Besides selling a good product, our aim is to create a unique interior and make you happy.