Stereotypes prevent you from buying photo wallpapers

Question 1. Is photo wallpaper in fashion?

The interior fashion changes from season to season but photo wallpaper still remains classics of the genre. This is not thin photo wallpaper from the 90s made of paper and cut in 8-16 squares. Modern photo wallpaper is very dense (it hides wall roughness) and easy to hang and replace with other photo wallpaper.

Professional textured bases from Germany allow selecting a photo wallpaper texture depending on the chosen theme. You can choose the dimensions of photo wallpaper yourself. We pack it in a roll and soon you will enjoy an exquisite accent in your interior, whether it is an apartment, office, restaurant, bar or beauty salon.

Photo wallpaper will make any interior modern and stylish. The main thing is to choose a right theme and base.

Question 2. How much does the photo wallpaper cost?

The modern equipment for the manufacture of photo wallpaper and German textured bases are not cheap, so the prices for photo wallpaper slightly vary from the usual wallpaper price. The only difference is that our company offers you the high-quality services and products. Photo wallpaper looks great in the interior, if it gives only a slight accent. It is enough to buy photo wallpaper for one wall only and it will give a new look to the whole room.

Question 3. Can I get bore with photo wallpaper?

Sure! That’s why when choosing a theme you need to think carefully before choosing a catchy picture – you will be seeing it everyday. But the modern photo wallpaper can be made even black and white. You can also choose a neutral theme that will not bother you over the years. Please pay your attention to the Backgrounds and Patterns, Abstraction, Flowers and Plants, Architecture, and Art sections - the modern technology allows producing even drawn photo wallpaper that will look stylish and unobtrusive in the interior design.

Designers recommend renovating your interior every 2-3 years. It is very easy to rehang your photo wallpaper, and the room immediately gets a new look!

Question 4. Does photo wallpaper look stylish in the apartment?

Again, it all depends on the theme you select. Our extensive image catalogue allows you to select images for photo wallpaper that fit every taste: ethnic, background, pattern, landscape, interiors, etc.

You can make color adjustments to the image. You just need to write your wishes to our designers when ordering or order sepia or black and white photo wallpaper or even wallpaper with a mirror image. The modern imaging technology will help make photo wallpaper perfect for you!

Remember, photo wallpaper will be a major accent in your interior. Avoid oversaturating your room with accents, and then photo wallpaper will look stylish in your apartment.

Question 5. Is photo wallpaper landscapes?

Yes, but it is not only landscapes. Any of your pictures can be photo wallpaper, if you wish so. And it will match the design quality standards. Our image catalogue is huge and you can select any image to your liking, or send us your picture and we will use it to make the photo wallpaper.

Question 6. Is it easy to hang photo wallpaper?

Design photo wallpaper differs in weight from standard wallpaper. It is quite heavy and requires special preparation before hanging. Our photo wallpaper is unique because you don’t need to additionally cut it, butt-join images and retouch with pencils – it is hung with a butt joint. This great feature distinguishes our photo wallpaper among similar products, saving you time and frustration when hanging. Our photo wallpaper is made-to-measure, so you can avoid any joints if you want!

Manufacturing and selling photo wallpaper is only a part of our work. We also pack it carefully before sending to you. In the package you will always find a colorful instruction with tips on how to properly hang photo wallpaper, choose adhesive, etc. Hanging section is an extra element of our service. Our attentive managers are always ready to answer your questions. Be sure to call if you need advice on buying and hanging or just want to talk.

Question 7. Photo wallpaper and wall roughness

Photo wallpaper hides the wall roughness due to a very dense texture (300 g/m2). If you want you can even wash our textured bases from Germany with vinyl coating on a paper base.

Question 8. Is photo wallpaper eco-friendly?

Production of photo wallpaper on the newest equipment using environmentally friendly materials from Germany and Japan allows our company to meet the highest quality standards. When manufacturing photo wallpaper we use non-toxic paint, which is confirmed by the sanitary-epidemiological expertise. Our photo wallpaper is environmentally friendly and safe for your health! You can hang it even in a child’s room without fear for the baby's health.

If you still have doubts about buying photo wallpaper, just call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.