Selecting the texture of photo wallpapers

The «World of photo wallpapers» company offers texturized foundations of 15 types. With such a choice, even an experienced interior designer can get confused. Ranging foundations can make your interior unique with all the features of the selected image. How to choose the right texture for your photo wallpapers?

All our textures can be divided into two groups: with light and expressed relief. First, you need to choose a picture for your photo wallpapers, and then answer a few questions: how bright you need the wallpapers to be, matte or glossy, highly textured or smooth, seamless or with visible seams? Remember that the brightness of colors and appearance of the seams on the future photo wallpapers depends on the texture.

1) Light relief:

Decorative plaster

a popular texture imitating the painting directly on the wall. This texture is versatile, beautifully conveys the scenes of various subjects and fits in almost any modern interior style. One of the most original textures for photo wallpapers.


an embossed texture for photo wallpapers simulating an art canvas. It is characterized by calm and rich tones, and most importantly – it provides an almost invisible seam when splicing. Canvas texture is very interesting; it fits both classic and Scandinavian interior style.


a fine and rough texture, which makes colors gain soft pastel hues. So if you fear that the photo wallpapers are too bright for your interior – choose sand texture. For example, the sand texture fits perfectly into the Art Nouveau style.

Coarse sand

uniform matte texture that perfectly conveys various elements of the architectural landscape (such as roughness of masonry, brick, pavers and asphalt). Coarse sand texture blends harmoniously with the loft style and other modern interior styles.


a structure consisting of fine fibers. Reminiscent of frost or watercolor paper, giving the image on the frost texture matte look. This texture is ideal if you prefer soothing colors.


this texture mimics an oil painting. Of course, this texture is great for photos from such sections as "Art" and "Designer wallpaper" emphasizing the scenic pictures. However, remember that a beautiful painting texture is capable of giving an unusual view of nearly any image in classic style.


a texture that simulates the natural linen fabric. Linen texture fits well with the rough textiles, wood, bamboo wallpaper. Linen texture is perfect for patterns from "Ethno" and "Flowers and Plants" sections, fits well into such design styles as avant-garde, art deco and Japanese style.

Smooth surface

a nearly smooth texture with moderate gloss. Unlike other textures, the joints between the photo wallpapers may be noticeable on the surface of a wall or a ceiling. Therefore, the smooth surface texture is perfect for panoramic images or sceneries, which consist of one single picture.

2) Expressed relief:


a quite large non-uniform texture, ideal for images of vintage photos, art objects and ancient frescoes. Plaster texture perfectly preserves the color depth.

Tree bark

a texture with a mild relief imitating the bark of a tree. Ideally combined with images from the "Backgrounds and patterns", especially wood, in the Art Deco, avant-garde and ethnic style.

Geometric pattern

a texture with distinctive relief is suitable for patterns from such sections as "Abstraction" and "Backgrounds and patterns" Bright texture of the photo wallpaper turns the simplest pattern into something special.


an unusual texture, capable of making any image of tiles and bricks from the "Backgrounds and patterns", "Abstract" or "Architecture" sections truly unique! It goes well with the loft style, avant-garde and Art Deco.


a fairly large texture that simulates the pattern of a coral reef. It is perfect for "Backgrounds and patterns" and "Abstraction" sections. Ideal for images with seashells, coral, beach.


a texture with a pronounced embossing simulating natural material. Straw texture fits perfect into ethno, country and Scandinavian style. This texture goes well with the images from the sections "Ethno", "Backgrounds and patterns".

Choose a texture for your photo wallpapers considering the interior design of your apartment, house or office, as well as focusing on those textures that fit your image. If in doubt – be sure to consult our experienced managers as for the selection of textures for photo wallpapers. In this case the photo wallpapers by "World of photo wallpapers" will please you for a long time!