Photo wallpapers: divide space into functional zones

It is important to divide a large space of a studio flat into functional zones. Then interior design will be not only beautiful, but well-thought-out as well. Photo wallpapers meet the challenge of space zoning best of all.

Stylish photo wallpapers will become a real adornment of any interior from classics to hi-tech. Manufacturing of photo wallpaper with individual size gives free scope for a designer’s imagination.

Before you buy photo wallpapers to divide space into zones you should decide which particular functional zones you want to allot in the premise. Conditionally they can be divided into the main types as follows:

1. A kitchen and a living room

– the most popular variation in a studio flat when a kitchen, a dining zone and a sofa with a TV-set are located in one premise. Photo wallpapers will help to allot a recreation zone. Photo wallpapers from the sections of Seas and Beaches, Flowers and Plants, Perspective Views, and Architecture will suit it. To allot a dining zone you should select photo wallpapers from the sections of Food and Drinks and Abstraction.

2. A bedroom and a living room

– it occurs most often when one has to sleep and entertain guests in the same premise. It is important that the zone for sleeping is localized properly within the interior. You should select for this zone photo wallpapers from the sections of Flowers and Plants, Nature, and for the living room from the sections of Designer’s Wallpapers, Perspective Views.

3. A kitchen and a living room

– it is important to separate a place for cooking process from a place for sleeping. Ecological photo wallpapers with individual size will manage it in the most effective way. You should select calm and relaxing photo wallpapers with cosmic space, blue sky, and tree leaves for the ceiling or photo wallpapers from the section of Flowers and Plants for the walls – they have a favourable effect on sleep and recreation.

4. A bedroom and a study room

i.e. a recreation zone and a working/studying zone. Such kind of space zoning is popular in children rooms so that a child can distinguish between a place where he (she) studies and a place where he (she) has a rest, sleep, and entertains himself (herself). This variation of space zoning is especially popular in a children room where 2 children live at once, so that each of them has his (her) own nest. You should select educational (from the section of Maps) or entertaining (from the section of Children Wallpapers, Animals) photo wallpapers for a children room.

If it is not a case of a children room, but a working place of an adult then you can buy photo wallpapers from the sections of Finances and Business, Architecture for a working zone.

And remember, please, that you should select photo wallpapers only for one of the functional zones. The other one will stand out against the background distinctly enough. In the event of architectural replanning of a flat or an office it will be easy for you to replace designer’s photo wallpapers with another picture at minimum efforts and expenses. “Photo Wallpaper World” – we work so that you can relax!