Photo wallpaper with flowers in the interior – meanings and symbols

Photo wallpaper with flowers is not as popular as wallpaper with perspective or architecture. It is suitable for a child’s room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallway, office, and beauty salon. Flowers bring positive energy of wildlife to a room, please the eye and bloom all year round! What kind of flower shall you choose for your bedroom, and what photo wallpaper shall you buy for a living room or bathroom? Section Flowers and Plants is diverse, so how can you choose the "right" flower for yourself?

From the ancient times a wonderful world of flowers was a subject of interest to many peoples. They used flowers to decorate some solemn events in life, their houses and even themselves. For our ancestors each flower had its own special meaning that has not lost its relevance to this day. For example, the ancient Romans associated lilies with luxury and wealth, and the ancient Egyptians decorated bodies of the deceased young girls with lilies. In France, three lilies on the old royal coat of arms embodied compassion, justice and mercy.

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create in your house or office - comfort, happiness, flirting? Our article will help you buy beautiful photo wallpaper with flowers! The following are the most popular flowers that everybody likes:

Photo wallpaper with roses is very popular. A rose color affects the meaning that wallpaper brings to your home. Red rose means passion and love, white rose – tenderness and purity, yellow rose – joy and happiness, and creamy rose - elegance, harmony and consistency.Photo wallpaper with orchids is often used in oriental interiors (Japanese, Chinese, etc.). In China, orchid represents childhood, and in our country it represents tenderness, refinement, and exquisite love. Orchid will fit perfectly into the interior of a loving couple.

Camomile symbolizes youth, romance and innocence. By the old Russian tradition, young girls used camomiles to read their love fortune. Photo wallpaper with camomiles will look great in a living room or a bedroom of a young girl.

Photo wallpaper with daffodils symbolizes humility and nonreciprocal love. It is better to hang this wallpaper in the neutral territory such as office, bathroom or hallway.

Magnolia will bring to your house notes of perseverance, generosity and persistence. You can hang the photo wallpaper with magnolias in a room that needs these qualities. Kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room - the choice is great!

Tulip - an emblem of Holland - symbolizes a harmonious and pure love. Photo wallpaper with tulips is suitable for a bedroom and living room, and moreover you can choose any color of tulips you want!

Dandelion is a symbol of happiness, joy, loyalty, and devotion. Photo wallpaper with dandelions will bring good energy to any room, because you need happiness and joy everywhere - bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway, nursery, kitchen, and even office!

Photo wallpaper with white lilies symbolizes purity and chastity. Lilies in the bathroom, living room or kitchen will be the best option, because different peoples interpret this flower in different ways.

Lotus will bring wisdom, longevity and happiness to your house. Photo wallpaper with lotuses in the bathroom, bedroom or living room will look more harmonious.

Snowdrop symbolizes hope, youth and freshness. Photo wallpaper with snowdrops in the bedroom of a young girl, hallway and bathroom will be a perfect interior solution!

Iris - a symbol of France - will bring faith, hope and wisdom to your house. These qualities are most desirable in the living room, where the whole family gathers together.

Photo wallpaper with poppies is a symbol of youth, imagination, reverie, and the pursuit of pleasure. A living room is a place where you can meet friends and share positive emotions brought by flowers.

Photo wallpaper with crocuses symbolizes rebirth and freshness of feelings, so it will be suitable for the bedroom of an elderly couple, living room or kitchen.

Gerbera is a symbol of mystery, flirtation and optimism. Photo wallpaper with gerberas will fit perfectly into the living room, restaurants and bars - places intended for flirting and easy communication.

Buying photo wallpaper with your favorite flower is just half the battle. It is important to find the most suitable place in terms of energy. Our photo wallpaper with flowers is completely eco-friendly and harmless to health, because it is made on the professional bases from Germany. A huge image catalogue and professional managers and designers will help you buy high-quality photo wallpaper at the best price!