Photo Wall Murals Instead of a Painting

Modern photo wall murals as a decoration element of a flat, a house or an office have become ingrained in our everyday lives so that they have replaced the paintings by famous artists. Quite naturally, as the price of the photo wall murals is much lower than that of the painting. The price of a painting is determined by the artist’s hard work to create it, and custom photo wall murals are produced with the help of professional equipment, so the price for the photo wall murals is much lower. But the effect of the photo wall murals or of a painting in the interior is almost identical. So why pay more?

Actually photo wall murals can create a unique atmosphere in the room during the interior décor creation. Can you imagine how much a painting of the size of the wall in a bedroom or living room may cost? And photo wall murals are quite inexpensive and, moreover, they are made-to-measure. If you want to hang the photo wall murals with no seams, just one side of the future photo wall murals should be no longer than 1,28 m. Then we will produce the photo wall murals as a single sheet.

Needless to say, the photo wall murals may be hung on the ceiling as well as on the wall. Now try to imagine an interior where you may put a painting on the ceiling! It is technically difficult to implement, and such interior decor will look really strange.

If you think that the photo wall murals look unnatural in the interior, you should buy the photo wall murals manufactured by “Mir Fotooboev” (“Photo Wall Murals World”) and fully realize the opposite effect. Various photo wall murals textures (the company "Mir Fotooboev" has as many as 15 of them!) allow to make the impression of water-color or oil painting. You may design the heavy textured warp of our photo wall murals with a frame, and the guests will never guess that that is not a painting by a famous artist but photo wall murals.

Of course you may order a mural painting by an artist, but again, the work of the artist is expensive, and for the quality our photo wall murals are equal to a painting by a skillful artist. And when you want to update the interior - just buy new photo wall murals and you do not have to enjoy the painting for life!

Sometimes it is hard to choose a painting for a certain style of the interior, but it is very easy to order the photo wall murals! Simply select the image you want, choose the size and texture and before long you will enjoy in the updated interior of the nursery, living room, bedroom, hallway or library. Because modern photo wall murals are good for all styles of the interior design, you only need to select the image and texture for your photo wall murals.

So, the main advantages of photo wall murals over paintings are:

1. Price

2. Individual size

3. Extensive images catalogue

4. Mobility

5. Versatility

In the diversified world of photo wall murals you are sure to find the image to your liking, as only your imagination limits the extensive catalogue. To order the photo wall murals with your photo or to select from the catalogue – choose the way to design the interior yourself! And we will help to make your interior design unique and stylish by virtue of the highest quality modern photo wall murals.