Non-standard complex-pattern photo wallpapers

A duplex apartment, house, summer house pose difficult tasks for an interior designer on getting up a flight of stairs, an attic, utility openings. Even in an apartment the need sometimes arises for making a stylish arrangement along the perimeter of the room. Custom-made photo wallpapers easily solve these tasks!

The various textured bases of 14 types will help to get the most out of every interior style, the custom-sized photo wallpapers take into account the features of a room. Arrangement of an attic, a flight of stairs, a utility opening is usually accompanied by an overconsumption of materials and other difficulties, but, once you have bought customized photo wallpapers, you will turn a room’s features into its advantages!

Photo wallpapers that run along the perimeter of a room is an interesting design idea that “Photo Wallpaper World” will implement easily. We will manufacture completely seamless, single-piece canvas panoramic photo wallpapers up to 1.28 m high! Photo wallpapers like these are easy and a pleasure to put onto walls, they look integral and stylish.

You have an interesting idea for an interior design? Photo wallpapers will implement t with ease! Spruce up the flight of stairs with an interesting image instead of humdrum pictures, in order to marvel at the produced effect and surprise guests. Buy quality custom-sized photo wallpapers to make the design of the interior unique.

If you have spotted, in your apartment, house or in the office an unused wall that you would like to decorate with wallpapers, send us a photo of the interior and we will pick for you photo wallpapers to match your interior. It is also possible to make photo wallpapers from a photo, but the photo must be of a very high quality. “Photo Wallpaper World” offers various textures for photo wallpapers – 14 different bases, so that each image is unique. Read here how to find your way around the variety of textures.

Difficulty choosing only one image from our catalogue, you like several images at once? Send them to us by mail, and our designers will make a collage from the photos for free, will implement your idea in the interior. Watch example in the video.

No matter how complex are the tasks posed by apartment renovation – how to get the most of a utility opening, where to buy wallpaper, how to embellish the attic etc. – photo wallpapers by “Photo Wallpaper World” will help solve them! We make photo wallpapers to order, so you pay only for those wallpapers that you need. No extra meters of wallpaper rolls. “Photo Wallpaper World” will make for you customized wallpapers to fit the dimensions of your room.

Photo wallpapers that come on the ceiling will help arrange the attic beautifully. Once you’ve bought these wallpapers, you’ll make the attic roomier and brighter, will get additional space in a small room as well as coziness.

Buy individually-sized photo wallpapers for arranging a flight of stairs, a utility opening, an attic. Save time and money for the search of a better designer’s idea, materials - “Photo Wallpaper World” will make drawbacks of a room its assets!