Interior Design

High-tech, Minimalism, Classic, Art Deco, Avant-garde, African, Vintage, Japanese, and Scandinavian - interior design has many different styles. A designer aims to make the interior comfortable and attractive at the same time, and the details emphasize impeccable taste of an owner.

Photo wallpaper is a popular element of any interior design style due to a variety of textures and massive catalogue of images. Modern designers use it for different purposes - to correct the room shortcomings (room size, ceiling height, or absence of light), emphasize the advantages, and give charm to the individual interior design.

For example, photo wallpaper fits perfectly into the Japanese style of the interior design:

Photo wallpaper makes the Scandinavian style more elegant:

Properly selected photo wallpaper emphasizes African motifs in the interior:

Also, photo wallpaper greatly expands the space when using the images from the section Perspectives in the interior:

The latest technologies allow the production of high-quality photo wallpaper with a minimum of joints and unique images. Therefore, the interior design with photo wallpaper is an opportunity to make your apartment truly unique!

The German quality has long been synonymous with the highest quality of products, and our photo wallpaper is customized using German materials.

Photo wallpaper is an elegant element of the interior design thanks to the variety of textures. For the Classic style, it is better to choose photo wallpaper with painting and canvas textures. They recreate an image in the form of paintings on your wall.

For the Art Nouveau interior, we recommend sand, decorative plaster and plaster textures of the wallpaper. They harmonize perfectly with the modern interior of your apartment.

As for the Avant-garde and Art Deco styles, you can experiment by selecting linen, bark and tile textures for the interior design.

You can easily choose photo wallpaper for your interior design with the help of our designers who will be glad to select the right image for your interior to suit all your preferences. Just write us a letter and send a photo of the interior to be updated.

Photo wallpaper has long been used in the modern interior design, and now it’s your turn to try it!