How to Decorate Your Child’s Room

The most common questions of parents when decorating their child's room:

— What kind of wallpaper shall we choose for the child’s room?

Repair in a child’s room sometimes makes you wonder - what wallpaper shall I hang, unicolored or floral? Now imagine that you are a child, and you should choose the wallpaper for your room yourself. Hmm, what shall I choose ... floral, unicolored, blue or pink? Who cares, because they are all too ... adultish! Don’t forget that children live in a world of fairy tales, toys, and heroes. They are their friends and playmates. Therefore, there is no better solution for the design of a child’s room than the photo wallpaper for children depicting favorite characters and cartoons! By the way, we will be glad to make this and any other photo wallpaper for you!

Wow! Your child will fall asleep and wake up with his favorite characters, such as Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Rapunzel and Lightning McQueen from the Cars!

Adventure excitement and fantastic light-heartedness are guaranteed.

— You don’t have a favorite character of my child in your catalogue of the photo wallpaper for children! What about this?

If you can’t find a desired image in our catalogue of the photo wallpaper for children we will choose and make it specially for you! Just leave you wishes [here] (

The child's room is a very special world of fairy tales, in which the child’s toys and books live, and good triumphs over evil. Children explore life through fairy tales and always feel sympathy for some characters and try to imitate their behavior in real life. Therefore, it is very important for your children to be surrounded only by good characters that will instill in them the best human qualities. But the fairy tale ends and the child can easily forget it, so it's important for the child to have his favorite character always by his side - in the form of the photo wallpaper for children.

— What shall we do when the child gets older?

When the child gets older you can choose something more informative, for example, Maps for the child to learn geography. Or Space, if your child is interested in astronomy. And that's the beauty of photo wallpaper in a child’s room – it is bright, colorful, memorable and modern, and you can easily replace it by new wallpaper with different images, for example Cars, Nature, Flowers and Plants etc.

— Can photo wallpaper harm the baby’s health?

Our photo wallpaper is made of the best German and Japanese materials and meets European quality standards. It is environmentally friendly, and paints in printing are not toxic, so our photo wallpaper is absolutely safe for the child’s health.